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💖 This is a PREORDER listing as all ready made stock has sold out. Tattoos will be printed, hand cut, packaged and then posted on the 14th of September. Please consider this wait time before purchase.

These gorgeous *Note to self - temporary tattoo sets are here to help you along on your self-care journey, to serve as little reminders and/ or to help you through when things are dark and scary.

The idea came to me as I was putting plans in place for my own self-care. I am a visual person, I am always writing things on my mirror or sticking notes on the walls. I've found that when I'm in a dark place with depression, having a challenging moment/day, am stressed etc. that a little visual reminder of what's important can work wonders in bringing me back to centre and helping me to keep going. (I'm currently wearing "I will feel better" and it's been a blessing given how down I'm feeling)

I've created these *Note to self - Temporary Tattoo packs using hand drawn designs printed on safety approved tattoo paper and consists of 14 *Note to self tattoos of varying sizes. The notes included are:

Breathe - You are loved - Be kind to yourself - PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) - It will pass - I will feel better - I forgive myself - Be safe - I'm not alone - Hold on - I can do this - No feeling is final - Take care of yourself - Reach out

The tattoos come out shiny, almost like really sticky skin stickers! They are more tactile than older style temporary tattoos which I find helpful especially when experiencing anxiety, it's nice to have something I can feel. It also means they hold up well! because they are one piece the design doesn't rub off, it stays intact for the life of your tattoo which is usually a few days! I am excited to experiment with different paper in the future but am loving these for now.

Your pack comes in cute packaging with simple instructions on the back. Your tattoos should last 1-4 days depending on placement and contact with water and skin products.

Please note using too much water when applying tattoos can lead to peeling, so just a damp cloth is perfect and apply with pressure for best results! ♥♥